IBC Agitators for great performance;

IBC Agitators can be designed according to requirements of process and the feature of the liquid to be mixed.


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IBC agitators are vertical agitators with either direct or geared motor. It can be used in mixing, dissolution and maintenance processes.

This agitator is designed for almost all industrial process such as chemical, cosmetic and container whose volume are 800 or 1000 L.

IBC agitators can be designed according to requirements of process and the feature of the liquid to be mixed. Motor power and type of the propeller can be altered with considering your needs.

User Benefits

  • Fast and homogenous product mixing.
  • Cost-effective solution for your process.
  • Available version for both low and high viscosity product.
  • Practical assembling thanks to the forklift gap.


IBC agitators are installed on the top of the plastic transportable (IBC) containers centrally with a folding propeller. The rotation of the propeller makes the product flow to the bottom and then up the surface along the walls of the IBC tank. At the same time, product is mixed homogeneously without clumps and prohibit the substances from settling down to the bottom.

The reliable frame made of stainless steel is placed on the IBC tank and securely fixed with a fixation clamps on the construction of the container.

As standart the IBC agitator is supplied with an eye bolt for lifting the agitator using a hoist, and gap on modules are available for lifting the agitator using a forklift truck.


Adjustable Speed Control with VFD
Base Frame
Motor Shroud
Pneumatic Drive
ATEX model available


Propeller………….. AISI 316 SS
Shaft…………………. AISI 316 SS
Base Frame………. AISI 304 SS
Hopper……………… AISI 304 SS
Sealing………………. NBR
Other materials… Please consult your supplier

Motor Type

Motor type is selected according to the features of the liquid to be mixed. One of the most important issue of selecting motor is viscosity of the liquid. According to viscosity , motor power and speed can be adjusted.

Selection Parameters

Viscosity (Cp) Power (Kw) Propeller Diameter (mm) Drive Type
≤ 600 0,75 138 Direct
600 ≤ CP ≤ 3000 0,75 340 Gear
5000 ≤ CP ≤ 10000 1,5 600 Gear
10000 ≤ CP ≤ 20000 2,2 600 Gear

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