Food Industry

“TMXFLOW Your Food Applications Partner”

Do You want to market successful foods that are safer, more natural and/or have a longer shelf life? Efficient and sustainable production? Want to stay ahead of the curve through innovation? Whatever your question, TMXFLOW brings it back to an effective solution with the right hygienic Pump, heat exchanger, systems.

We at TMXFLOW have an extremely wide portfolio of Centrifugal and Positive Displacement Pumps, Heat Exchangers, Homogenizers, Mixers and Agitators as well as Systems for the food and beverage industry. All our products meet the most stringent hygienic standards and certifications.

Beverage Industry

The beverage industry (also known as the drink industry) manufactures drinks and ready to drink products. Examples are bottled water, soft drinks, energy drinks, milk products, coffee and tea-based products, nutritional drinks.

The beverage industry is traditionally a market with specific high demands with regards to hygiene and its related technologies.

Exquisite hygiene is needed to maintain the high-quality standards and shelf life of the end product, whether it is mineral/drinking water, lemonade, fruit juice…

The worldwide thirst for industrial beverages continues to grow – soft drinks, juices, bottled waters, coffee, tea,etc. Successful beverage production requires getting the most out of raw materials and maintaining desired end-product characteristics through safe, cost-effective and sustainable multistage processing.

TMXFLOW supplies equipment, modules and complete processing lines configured to meet the specific requirements of individual beverage producers.

Dairy Industry

Do you need specific machinery for milk and its derivatives? At TMXFLOW we are dedicated to manufacture equipment for the treatment of milk ana dairy product, providing concrete solutions for all the processes involved in this industrial. We develop complete processing equipment and facilities, fully automated with the highest performance.

TMXFLOW is equipped to provide the right equipment required for many different dairy applications. we found enormous potential in the dairy industry in the current years. The key to capturing the opportunities is a clear understanding of local and global trends. TMXFLOW have a range of innovative hygienic equipment that are the key in dairy processes and applications. Our ongoing mission is to secure hygienic conditions and optimize dairy production.

Moreover, we aim to provide a solution to our customers’ needs and project requirements and to help the industry further enhance the
outstanding value of milk and its derivative products. We use the latest technology to achieve this, obtaining the highest possible yield and quality, while making you more competitive.

Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is faced with the demands of bringing high value products to the market in a reliable and cost-effective way that can be validated to the highest standards.

TMXFLOW is a vital player in this field. Our access to the costumers in our field of Pumps, Mixers, Heat Exchangers and Solution Systems and other equipment combined with superior knowledge, helps our customers bring out the best. All our products for pharmaceutical applications meet the most stringent certifications.

Beauty and Personal Care Industry

Demand for skin care and hair care products, cosmetics, deodorants, toothpastes and more continues to grow. Safe hygienic and cost-effective manufacturing of personal care products requires getting the most out of raw materials and ensuring repeatable and reliable processes while safeguarding product quality.

TMXFLOW provide an ideal transfer for products with high viscosity such toothpaste without both tiring the product and disruption the structure with our positive displacement Mono, Lobe and Twin-Screw pumps.

In addition, we also provide great convenience in the production of a homogeneous toothpaste with our inline, vertical and multitooth mixers. Unloading Barrel System is a hygienic product.

Bakery and Confectionery Industry

TMXFLOW has a very wide portfolio of Pumps, Mixers, Agitators, Heat Exchangers for Bakery and confectionery product including numerous pumps with hygienic approvals and the ability to handle sensitive viscous products. also, we offer bespoke solutions in the manufacturing of equipment for bakeries and confectioneries.

TMXFLOW covers all of the phases of the production process, by manufacturing the equipment required for the processing of liquids and solids.

Transport and dosing of sugar, flour, micro ingredients, and regarding liquids, sour doughs, yeast, cold water, oil, chocolate, etc. Its commitment with quality and client satisfaction results in the search for more effective and efficient productive processes with minimum incidents and maximum reliability.

Brewery Industry

TMXFLOW offer complete solutions for the manufacturing of craft beer, both for large projects like industrial facilities or micro-breweries.
From the milling, storage, to completing the production and fermentation processes.

Our pumps and equipment’s made of the best quality stainless-steel. they show a long life against corrosion wear thanks to their high wall thickness.

We provide also different models of mixers and agitators, heat exchangers in order to satisfy the needs of our client solutions for the treatment of fluids for brewery processes.