Throughout the world TMXFLOW is manufacturing highest quality stainless-steel Pumps, Mixers, Heat exchangers and System solutions. Adhering to the strictest standards, we develop completely reliable solutions, perfectly adapted to your specific applications. Our Products are the first choice for transferring  all kinds of products in numerous industrial processes food and beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. In order to offer you innovative solutions, we significantly invest in the research and development and we are forward-looking technologies.

TMXFLOW offer a portfolio of world-leading brand in industrial pumps, mixers, heat exchangers and efficiency systems solutions of different applications.

TMXFLOW producing efficient and high quality products without compromising on Quality Standards is reflected in customer satisfaction and we value this. Regularly, in line with the feedback that we received from our customers. TMXFLOW up to increase the product range and improve our production line with up-to-date Technologies.

While preserving our business ethics and service values ​​from the past, curently we continue our objectifs with innovation and creativite visions.

TMXFLOW Success Formula


For you as a producer, safety and hygiene are crucial importance. The pumps and other stainless-steel equipment in your process play a major role in the quality of your products and the minimization of contamination risks. Of course, all TMXFLOW product meet all legal standards, our products are designed for optimal cleanability.


The customer demands and needs are constantly changing. The demand for sustainability is growing. Like any other company, you can’t avoid innovating. Based on a long-term relationship and partnership, TMXFLOW are happy to think along with you in every innovation process. We have the necessary knowledge, products and pioneering mentality to make your product and process innovations possible. together, we like to push boundaries!


A natural recipe with fewer preservatives. A product with just the right taste and texture. Less risk of contamination. The pump and our technologies used has a major influence on the quality, appearance and shelf life of produced foods. Thanks to our many years of experience and high-quality hygienic Pumps, Mixers, Heat Exchangers and Systems we take optimal care of your products.


every food producer is concerned with this to a greater or lesser extent. With our unique solutions such as Product Recovery and our expert advice from the installation design, we make your process smarter and more sustainable. For example, TMXFLOW help you to reduce product and water waste in your process or to bring healthy but long-lasting products to the market.


Great flexibility and shorter production stops place high demands on your installation and the pumps used. In particular, the simplicity of the design as well as the reliability, accessibility and cleanability of the installation play an important role in this. With the right insight, a well-considered choice of pumps and expert technical support, TMXFLOW ensure a simpler and more efficient process.