Industrial pumps are mechanical devices designed to move fluids or liquids from one place to another within an industrial setting. They are commonly used in a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, chemical processing, water treatment, food and beverage, mining, pharmaceuticals, and more. Industrial pumps are crucial for processes such as fluid transfer, circulation, mixing, dosing, and pressurization.

These pumps are typically built to handle a variety of fluids, including water, oil, chemicals, slurries, and viscous materials. They come in various types and configurations, each suited for specific applications and operating conditions.

As TMXFLOW, we offer solutions for different applications in Dairy, Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics and other sectors.

SLA Lobe Pump
STS Twin Screw Pump
Chocolate Pumping


Chocolate Pumping:

Chocolate pumping refers to the process of moving chocolate or chocolate-based products through a system using specialized pumps. These pumps are designed to handle the unique properties of chocolate, such as its viscosity and temperature sensitivity, without causing damage or affecting its quality. Chocolate pumping systems are commonly used in the food industry for the production and transportation of liquid chocolate, chocolate syrups, and other chocolate-based products.

Twin-Screw Pumps:

Twin-screw pumps are positive displacement pumps that use two intermeshing screws (rotors) to move fluids or viscous substances. The screws rotate in opposite directions, creating a tightly sealed cavity that progresses along the pump’s length, trapping and transferring the fluid. Twin-screw pumps are known for their ability to handle high viscosity fluids, such as chocolate, as well as abrasive or shear-sensitive materials. They are widely used in various industries, including food processing, oil and gas, chemical, and pharmaceutical.

Lobe Pumps:

Lobe pumps are positive displacement pumps that utilize rotating lobes (rotors) to transfer fluids. The lobes are typically driven by external gears or timing belts, causing the fluid to be displaced from the inlet to the outlet. Lobe pumps are known for their gentle pumping action and the ability to handle viscous fluids effectively. They are commonly used in the food and beverage industry, including applications involving chocolate, syrups, creams, and other viscous liquids. Lobe pumps are also utilized in various other industries, such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and wastewater treatment, where gentle and efficient fluid handling is required.