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The Gasket plate heat exchanger also called plate and frame plate heat exchanger consists of a pack of corrugated metal plates. The corrugation of the plates provides the passage between the plates, the two fluids transfer the heat between the channels. The plate pack is assembled between a fix frame plate and a movable pressure plate and compressed by tightening bolts. The gasket between the plates seals the inter plate channel and directs the fluids into alternate channels. The number of plates is determined by the design: the temperature program, flow rate, pressure drop and physical properties of the fluids,. The plate corrugations promote fluid turbulence and the plate contact point support the plates against pressure. The fix frame plate and the movable frame plate are fixed to a support column. Connections are located in the frame plate or pressure plates, this depends

Working Principle

Channels are formed between the plates and the corner ports are arranged so that the two media flow through alternate channels. The heat is transferred through the plate between the channels, and complete counter current flow is created for highest possible efficiency The corrugation of the plates provides the passage between the plates, supports each plate against the adjacent one and enhances the turbulence, resulting in efficient heat transfer

Plate Heat Exchanger Portfolio

plate heat exchanger portfolio

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    Plate Pack

    The plate pack is the heat transfer surface consisting of a series of formed metal plates compressed between the fix frame and movable frame.
    • Corner ports allow passage of the hot and cold liquids between the plates
    • Molded gaskets along the plate edge and around the ports prevent leakage and fluid intermixing
    • Wide range of corrugation patterns and plate thicknesses for optimizing thermal length and efficiency
    • Combining plates that have a variety of corrugation angles induces greater turbulence at lower flow rates and creates a high film coefficient
    • Single and multiple – pass configurations selected based on process requirements. Multi-fluid configurations are also available
    • In-phase corrugation patterns available for applications with fluids containing particulates
    • Materials of construction are selected based on compatibility with fluids and temperature

    Narrow Flow
    For processing low-viscosity media. Designed for high thermal efficiency with a very close tempera ture approch.
    Wide Flow
    For medium or high viscosity media. Designed for continuous process and long run time

    Gasketed PHE plate pack

    Plate Designn Types

    Hygienic Frames

    Extendable frames to meet stringent requirements


    A rigid structure that holds the plate pack in alignment and maintains gasket compression, providing a proper seal.

    Frame Components

    • Fix frame and movable frame
    • Top and Bottom support column
    • Tie Bars
    • End Support

    Industrial Frames

    Wide range of extendable frames for meeting various quality needs.


    Molded gaskets in the through-port area of the plate provide a double seal between the fluid streams and prevent intermixing.

    Gaskets in the groove around the perimeter of the plate seal the fluid between the plates.

    Available in a variety of material compounds depending on temperature and compatibility with fluids.

    Features of Gasket Used in Plate Heat Exchanger:

    • Standard gasket.
    • Protection groove of gasket: Gasket groove prevent the pads from being squeezed out and prolong its service time.
    • Rubber gasket adopts latch-locked design, with observation holes for leakage.
    • The fixed and seal functions are separate, even if there are some problems in fixed functions, its seal function can still work

    Brazed plate heat exchanger Material

    The BPHE (Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger) main components are stainless corrugated plates and copper sheet, the stainless steel plates are brazed together by brazing material (Copper or Nickel) in Vacuum furnace. Copper brazed heat exchanger can be used for numerous of applications. However, for food or applications involving aggressive fluids, Nickel brazed units are recommended.

    Typical Applications

    Heat Flow provides advanced heat transfer solutions for cooling, heating, condensing and evaporation of process fluids and utility applications -design to solve heat transfer process Challenges in a vast array of industries…

    gasketed plate heat exchanger applications
    gasketed plate heat exchanger applications for different industries