Drum Unloading Systems for great performance

Drums unloader with double pneumatic piston and follower plate for viscous fluids in the food and cosmetic industry


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Tmxflow Drum Unloading System is a hygenic product to be used in food & beverage chemical, and pharmaceutical industries for low or high viscosity products.

System works on base of volumetrically conveying Tmxflow Progressing Cavity Pump, which creates vacuum under the follower plate and that vacuum causes certain pressure on the material in drum, so that pump can have a constant suction.

Fully with CIP cleanable. This pump is also perfect for handling any liquid with low or high viscosity.

The system is equipped with a follower plate with silicon wiper which perfectly cleans the sides of the drum, leading to minimum product waste of less than 1%.

Tmxflow range is compact, efficient and speed of system rates up to 3000 rpm and pressures up to 12 bar.


Drum unloading system is controlled easily by HMI screen. The system is brought to the desired position with the direction keys and the system is started by adjusting the speed of the pump.

Drum Unloading Systems

User Benefits

  • High efficiency
  • Low energy consumption
  • Compact size
  • Simple to use by HMI
  • Reversible operation
  • Low shear pumping
  • Safety transportable
  • Easy maintenance
  • Full stainless steel Hygienic design

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