Vision & Mission

TMXFLOW aspire to be the leading stainless-steel equipment manufacturer and preferred provider of quality products and services to the dairy, food, beverage and other sanitary industries.

TMXFLOW mission is to build hight quality products, strong relationships with our customers, in addition to earn a reputation for unbeatable service.

In other ways

  • Lead in our market by setting and achieving ambitious goals.
  • Provide quality products, rapid delivery, and superior customer service worldwide.
  • Be accountable for executing our plans.


Values & Ethics


We have potential experts and we provide a high-quality equipment to our costumers

  • We are a skilled, talented team focused on superior craftsm anship and exceptional customer service.
  • We are honest, ethical, and respectful to all. Everyone’s contributions are essential to success.
  • We do the right thing for our customers, the company and each other.


We share what we know to make our customers and ourselves stronger.

  • We share our decades of experience and expertise with our customers and each other.
  • We share our knowledge with each other and offer opportunities for development.
  • We share a common vision for growth and excellence.


We care about our customers, each other and our communities.

  • We take time to know our customers’ challenges and create meaningful solutions,
  • We are a family-owned company and treat our employees as family
  • We make our work environments safe, our communities better, and our industries stronger.


We dare to dream and dare to challenge in order to keep improving.

  • We are a team of problem solvers, inventors, doers and innovators. We look long term. We find a way.
  • We ask the tough questions and have tough conversations.
  • We own and learn from our mistakes.
  • We continuously look for ways to make things better for our customers and ourselves.